Clover® Check Acceptance

Enjoy Peace-of-Mind Check Acceptance

Clover Check Acceptance eases the challenges of check acceptance and provides peace of mind against fraudulent and returned checks by combining a check acceptance risk management system with a warranty service option for returned check liability.

With Clover Check Acceptance, you can feel more secure about check payments--no matter how your business accepts them:

Face-to-Face – If you have a storefront and accept payments face-to-face, you can opt for:

  • Electronic Check Acceptance – which converts customers' paper checks into an electronic ACH transaction and deposits the amount directly into your bank account.
  • Paper Check Acceptance – which verifies and processes checks via the terminal for manual deposit into your bank account.
  • Mail-in/Drop Box – Clover Check Acceptance's LockBox Payment service is designed specifically for checks that are mailed in or left in a drop box. Checks are converted to an electronic transaction and then settlement is made via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network--streamlining the check handling process, reducing bank fees and trips to the bank/deposit preparation time.

Clover Check Acceptance provides a number of key benefits for your businesses:

  • Higher profits – Reduced bank fees, lower operating expenses, fewer returned checks and improved cash flow all add up to higher profits for your business.
  • Less risk – With Warranty service, returned check processing and collections are managed by Clover Check Acceptance. This allows you to accept checks with less risk.
  • Greater efficiency – Clover Check Acceptance can help to improve the efficiency of your small business by reducing trips to the bank and streamlining back-office operations.
  • Increased security – Clover Check Acceptance helps to reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks, while also helping to protect your customers' personal information from identity theft.
  • Faster and easier processing – Accepting and processing check payments via Clover Check Acceptance is as quick and easy as accepting credit cards.

Designed for:

  • Virtually any business that wishes to minimize the risk of check acceptance

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