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Mike Durant, the man behind the real-life story of Black Hawk Down, a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur and business owner, shares his tips on video for starting a business and maintaining its success.

Mike Durant entered the U.S. Army in 1979 and participated in a variety of combat operations including Desert Storm and Restore Hope. He is now the president and CEO of Pinnacle Solutions, Incorporated, an engineering and services company that has grown from a home office-based startup to having more than 210 employees in just eight years.

Mike was the guest speaker for PNC’s 2016 Veterans Small Business Month webinar titled: Taking Command: Helping Your Business Perform to its Full Potential. Watch Replay »

In addition to the webinar, he created these six exclusive videos for PNC to help small business owners understand some of the key tactics that are important to "mission success".

Starting a Business

"To me the most important thing to understand is to set realistic expectations."

Quick tips to keep in mind when starting a business

Establishing Your Business Values

"The way you establish your values is try to understand your customer first, what is important to them."

Why values are important to your business’ success.

The Importance of Having a Clear Vision

"It captures the essence of what you're trying to be as an organization."

Here's why it’s imperative to have a clear business direction.

Hiring & Retaining Quality People

"Few decisions you make as a business owner/entrepreneur are as important as hiring and retaining quality people."

The importance of finding the right people to support your business.

Why Setting Goals is Important

"Goals are very important because people have to understand […] how they can contribute to the overall mission of the company."

The role of goal-setting and its effect on your organization.

Maintaining Your Focus and Execution

"The way to ensure your continued success is by focusing on the work that you already have."

Understand your business goals and execute flawlessly.

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