Positive Intentions, Powerful Results

Incorporating a Journal Into Your Own Financial Success Story

Great visionaries and strong leaders have something important in common.

They value the time they spend thinking. They know that it’s critical to take a step back from the hectic pace of “business as usual” to clear their minds, sort things out and anticipate what’s coming next.

Journaling helps on all of these counts, plus a few more. Whether you’re pursuing a dream or goal, working on self-development or just looking for some peace of mind, good old-fashioned pen and paper might be all you need to revitalize and conquer.


  • Do You Have a Book in You?
    It all begins by picking up a pen. Hear from three first-time authors who share insights for getting your book ideas onto paper.
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  • Journaling Can Give You a New Lease on Life
    From physical and psychological health to professional growth, the benefits of journaling are far-reaching.
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  • The Next Big Leadership Tool: Pen on Paper
    Why some of the strongest leaders unplug for 15 minutes a day to write in a journal.
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