Women in Business

Resources for Women Business Owners and Executives

Women-owned companies are the fastest-growing segment of small business.

But, if the fastest- growing segment of the business community isn’t growing to its full potential, to what extent might it be holding back this economy?  This is a question we at PNC have been thinking a lot about. Despite their growth in numbers, women-owned companies are still half as likely as the average to hurdle the $1 million revenue threshold. Employment is smaller as well. We believe that PNC can be helpful in turning around these numbers by highlighting resources for women who own or run business. Over 1,500 PNC-Certified Women’s Business Advocates across our footprint are having the cash flow conversation with women in business.

  • Women Business Insights eMagazine
    Insights for Women in Business
    PNC's semi-annual publication offers helpful business ideas on topics of interest to women entrepreneurs and executives.

    Together for Good
    What inspires you? Good things come from working together. Let’s work together to achieve your dream.
    Business Insights eNews for Women in Business
    Be connected to tips and ideas in our monthly enews articles that help you thrive as a businesswoman.
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    PNC Arts Alive - Be a Part of Art!
    PNC Arts Alive challenges visual and performing arts organizations to put forth their best, most original thinking.
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    Join our Webcast with Barbara Corcoran
    "How to Grow Your Business and Have Fun Doing It"  Register to join and be entered in our Sweepstakes!
    Women of Vision
    PNC is proud to sponsor “Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment”.
    Photo by Jodi Cobb
  • Women Business Advocates
    Advocates for Women in Business
    When women are asked about what they want from a banker, often their answer is simply;
    " A Relationship."  
    For Getting Smarter About Money
    Independent experts share their strategies for achieving financial goals. Watch. Learn. Ask questions.
  • Financial Education
    Heather Flanagan PNC Delaware Trust Company Heather Flanagan, Senior Wealth Planner
    Commentary on strategies for wealth protection.
  • Women Business Insights eMagazine
    The Smart Woman's Guide to Retirement

    Invest for the future.

    The statistics don't financially favor women. You can fix that.

  • Women Business Enterprise
    WBE Certification
    Certification as a woman business enterprise for firms that qualify can open doors to lucrative government contracts for women business owners.
  • Women Who Achieve
    Leading Clients to Perfect Balance

    "Like Perfect Balance, PNC has our clients’ best interests at heart."
    Sue Schnitz, CPA, Perfect Balance

    Sue Schnitz
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    Small Business
    Checking Accounts

    We offer a variety of choices, and work with you to help identify the account that best fits you and your business.

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    Loans and
    Lines of Credit

    Let us help you purchase assets or meet specific financing needs.

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    CFO: Cash Flow Optimized

    We help small business owners like you solve a wide range of cash flow challenges, no matter what type of business you own. It all starts with a conversation.

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