Women Who Achieve: Dr. Kathleen Roche, D.C.

HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Wellness

PNC’s commitment to female entrepreneurs inspired me to leave my previous bank. I quickly discovered that working with friendly bankers who understand women business owners’ concerns makes a real difference.

Franchise Structure Eases Administrative Pains

Kathleen Roche pursued a career in chiropractic care because it aligned with her belief that she could help people stay healthy through noninvasive measures.

“I’ve never liked blood, needles or medication, so I looked for another approach,” she explains. “I considered becoming a physical therapist but found that chiropractic offered me the opportunity to build my own practice. I earned my degree, purchased a retiring doctor’s practice and began practicing in 1999.”

Ten years later, Kathy realized that her growth goals would be more easily attainable if she could relieve herself of some administrative duties — keeping up with increasingly complex insurance requirements and healthcare regulations, for example. She became a franchisee of HealthSource America's Chiropractor®, a chain with 360 offices nationwide.

“As a practitioner, you just want to pour your heart into the healing, but running a practice is a balancing act. Becoming a franchisee connected me with people, including coaches, who have a vested interest in my practice’s success. This support system enables me to focus on my priorities,” Kathy says.

Writing the Book on Positive Thinking

Kathy’s affiliation with HealthSource led to her joining its mastermind group — an experience that changed her way of thinking. “You think that you’re an island, that no one else faces the challenges you do. Then you’re in a room with 20 of your peers plus other business leaders, and you realize you’re not alone. This group taught me it’s OK to be vulnerable, sharing your challenges and fears with others, and that you need to grow personally to grow professionally,” she says.

Her mastermind experience led Kathy to write “Realize Your Potential: Ten Secrets to Success Revealed,” a book that has become integral to team training and patient education at her practice. She explains, “Most people come to us initially for pain relief, but when they see that they’re sleeping, moving and, in general, feeling better, they begin embracing the idea of wellness. We help them adopt a healthy lifestyle that fuels their mind, body and spirit.”

Her education efforts extend to the broader community, too, as HealthSource Swansea sponsors races, healthcare days, lunch-and-learns and other events. “We strive to help people live happier, healthier lives,” she says. “When you do the right thing, it comes back to you; it comes back to our business.”

Kathy relies on PNC to do the right thing for her practice. She has been a PNC client since joining the HealthSource franchise. “PNC’s commitment to female entrepreneurs inspired me to leave my previous bank,” she shares. “I quickly discovered that working with friendly bankers who understand women business owners’ concerns makes a real difference.”

Dr. Kathleen Roche, D.C.

Business Details

Company: HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Wellness
Location: Swansea, IL
Website: healthsourcechiro.com/swansea

Don’t give up on your dreams. You can be a mom, daughter, sister, wife, grandma and friend, and still be successful in business.

Kathleen Roche

Business Awards

  • Franchise of the Month, HealthSource Chiropractic, 2013, 2015

Community Involvement

  • Board Member, Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois, 2013 - present
  • Board Member, Belleville YMCA, 2009-2015

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