Finding the Right Home

Once you’re pre-approved, you can start looking at houses! Now’s the time to contact a reputable real estate agent who can show you homes you can afford.


It’s important to find a real estate agent who will:

  • Help provide background information on properties of interest to you
  • Guide you through the buying process
  • Make it easier to work with the seller

You might also consider hiring a real estate attorney to:

  • Be your advocate during negotiations with the seller
  • Review contracts and research liens and encumbrances
  • Make sure there are no legal surprises ahead


Get a Home Appraisal & Title Search

Found a home you like? Once the seller accepts your offer, you may strongly consider hiring a certified home inspector who can verify there are no structural problems, code violations or other undisclosed concerns.   When your contract is final, your lender will have the property appraised by an independent, third-party appraiser who will confirm the fair market value of the home.  In addition, a title search will typically be conducted to:

  • Discover any record claims on the property
  • Make sure you can get a clear title to your new home