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Learn more about how Tracker can help keep you better informed about your application.


Getting Started

Register to stay up-to-date on your home loan process. You’ll want to get started right away to take advantage of all the benefits.


With Tracker, you can…

  • Stay up-to-date on your home loan
  • Register by completing the secure registration process and verifing your identity by entering your Registration Number
  • Create your own user ID, password and select a personal security image

Progress Bar

Access a quick view of your application status at each step of the loan process.


The Tracker progress bar provides you…
• Status updates of when your application hits major milestones
• Your estimated Close Date, always in sight and always visible in Tracker

Application Overview

See your loan application information in one central location including details of your estimated monthly payment.


The Application overview provides you…
• An easy-to-read pie chart with key information regarding your loan
• A table including the details of your estimated monthly payment, interest rate, loan term, and more

Managing Documents

Upload documents required to complete your application from your desktop, laptop or tablet.


You can manage your documents by…
• A simplified process of submitting documents for your loan application.

• Seeing the requested documents or where submitted documents are in the approval process

Secure Messaging

View your home lending team contact information and exchange secure messages.


With Secure Messaging, you can…
• Contact key members of your PNC team via secure messaging for help or questions
• Compose messages or ask us to call you by providing us with your preferred telephone number
• Review messages you’ve already sent by clicking on the Sent Messages tab

Opt-In Your Agent

Help ensure your entire homebuying team stays on the same page by opting in your real estate agent to receive email updates on your loan's status.


• By providing this limited view of your application status, PNC AgentView® increases connectivity

• While keeping your agent informed - know that PNC will never share private or personal information such as loan terms, documents submitted or your income with your agent