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Stu Hoffman
SVP and Chief Economist
The PNC Financial Services Group

Economic Outlook 2017: Reason for Optimism

Economic Outlook 2017: Reason for Optimism
Insight from Stuart Hoffman, Chief Economist, PNC

Economic growth will be faster in 2017-2018 with assists from consumer spending, construction spending, business investment and Federal government spending, more than offsetting weakness in U.S. exports as the dollar continues to strengthen and growth outside the U.S. remains slow.

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Bill Watkins
Co-Head Business Development,
Harris Williams & Co.

Larissa Rozycki
Vice President, Harris Williams & Co.

2017 M&A Outlook: Changes Ahead

2017 M&A Outlook: Changes Ahead
Considering an M&A event?

Thursday, February, 23, 2017

PNC’s Harris Williams & Co. subsidiary ( is a leading M&A advisor with experience across a wide range of industries. Bill Watkins, Managing Director, and Larissa Rozycki, Vice President, discuss results from 2016 and the rationale behind predictions for 2017 M&A activity.

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Technical Innovation in Payments

Solutions for the Insurance Industry
Real-Time Payments will Grow Exponentially

While banks and FinTech providers can at one level be seen as competitors, there is increasing recognition by both sides of the strengths and limitations each possesses. This mutual recognition of their relative strengths and limitations is leading to increased collaboration between the two.

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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power
Customer Insight Can Fight Fraud and Terrorism

As a financial institution that is focused on creating long-term, collaborative relationships with its customers, PNC believes strongly that the USA PATRIOT Act requirement to know our customers, their ownership, business purpose, suppliers and customers benefits our national security — and your security as well.

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