Christine Shambach
Corporate Liquidity Strategist and Head of Liquidity Management, PNC

Christine Shambach leads PNC’s Corporate Liquidity Strategy team, focusing on delivering value-added insight and solutions to help clients manage their liquidity needs and deliver PNC’s full range of cash and investment solutions.

In addition, since 2014, Shambach has led Liquidity Management for PNC and PNC Bank, N.A., including assessing funding strategies, managing and executing PNC’s funding plan, and maintaining compliance with all regulatory and internal liquidity requirements.

Shambach joined PNC in 2010 as a member of PNC’s mergers and acquisitions team, where she was responsible for leading the execution of PNC’s acquisition and divestiture transactions, including the acquisition of RBC Bank (USA). She previously worked in mergers and acquisitions for other major banks.

Shambach holds a bachelor of science degree and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a master’s degree in business administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

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