According to the AFP® 2019 Cyberrisk Survey, a significant majority of organizations were targeted by fraudsters in 2019. Only 35% of survey respondents were very confident that their employers are better prepared to manage and respond to a cyberattack today than they were 3 years ago. Results suggest that hackers targeting organizations are relentless.[1] PNC’s Treasury Management group has responded to these threats with a sophisticated suite of fraud mitigation services. Find out how we can help your organization.

88% of companies surveyed were targets of cyberfraud in 2019

  • How vulnerable are your payment practices?
  • PNC offers Treasury Management solutions that can help you proactively fight fraud with account monitoring and controls.

79% of organizations experienced financial loss

  • Does your company still rely on checks?
  • Electronic payment methods — including ePayments and RTP®, The Clearing House’s real-time payments system — incorporate fraud mitigation tools so you can send payments safely and securely.

88% of organizations employ a method of Positive Pay[2]

  • Are you able to make timely decisions on your Positive Pay exceptions?
  • PINACLE® is PNC’s corporate online banking portal that can help you manage cash securely and efficiently.
  • PINACLE’s Positive Pay Module can help you reduce your disbursement risk.

87% of organizations are prioritizing and focusing on
cybersecurity versus other issues at their companies[1]

  • Are you implementing education and training programs for your employees to help them recognize potential fraud via business email compromise (BEC)?
  • The percentage of organizations falling prey to BEC has
    grown to 80%

The percentage of organizations falling prey to BEC has
grown to 80%

PNC’s Cyber Security Resource Guide includes:

  • Best practices and resources
  • Quick reference guide for employees
  • Cybersecurity checklist

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