Now that retirement is within reach, how will you utilize your assets? Will what you've accumulated over the years be sufficient to support your needs and lifestyle expenses? How much is enough?

If you are retired, preparing for retirement in the near future, or thinking about how you will use your assets in retirement — here’s some very good news: It is likely that you will enjoy a longer, far more active life in retirement than previous generations did. In fact, 25% of 65-year-olds will live past the age of 90. And as our time spent in retirement appears to stretch on, the need for careful retirement asset planning becomes more clear.

Retirement Income Strategies

For some of us, Social Security and pensions may cover essential expenses during retirement. Others may supplement those income sources with dividends and interest from investments. Many will need to withdraw principal along with earnings in order to meet their needs. What’s an appropriate strategy to accomplish this?

Total Return

  • Primarily used while assets are still accumulating, and can be used in retirement as well
  • Uses traditional asset allocation, meeting cash flow needs while managing risk and return
  • Distributions dependent upon performance
  • Flexibility to adjust rate of withdrawal


  • For use as you’re nearing retirement or already in retirement
  • Potential lifetime income sources (i.e. Social Security or a pension) are tied to essential expenses
  • Any shortfall can be addressed by income-seeking investments
  • Provides some income predictability

Enhanced Total Return

  • Strictly used to convert assets to income in retirement
  • Preservation of capital may sustain distributions over a longer time horizon
  • Possible to increase income potential with fixed income allocated to a variable annuity with withdrawal guarantees

Our Approach

PNC Investments can help you to determine an appropriate approach for utilizing your retirement assets, taking into account the following:

  • Social Security and Pensions
    When should you start receiving benefits from each? How much should you request?
  • Work
    Do you plan to work full-time at a new venture? Work part-time? Or not work at all?
  • Income
    Do you expect to spend consistently throughout your retirement or do you expect that your spending will fluctuate?
  • Investments
    How should you manage your investments after you retire? For capital appreciation? For capital preservation? For both?
  • Healthcare
    Will you be paying for long-term care insurance or paying for long-term medical costs out-of-pocket?


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