Do you talk to your kids about their spending habits? Are they saving money? Using financial technology? Whether you have a child that is just learning the value of coins and paper money or a teen that is beginning to think about saving for a car, it’s never too early or too late to start teaching them about money management.


Do your kids make smart money choices?

  • 91% of teens say that they have sought financial advice1
    • 72% from their parents or guardians1
    • 33% from online sources such as social media and YouTube1
  • 94% of parents believe that children should start learning about personal finances by the age of 122
    • 67% should start learning by 5- to 8-years old2
    • 27% should start learning by 9- to 12-years old2
  • 73% of teens consider the cost of an item before making a purchase3
  • 48% of teens use online or mobile apps to manage money4
  • 83% of teens say they are saving money3
  • 41% of teens identified NOT having savings for an emergency as a top concern5
  • 54% of teens are concerned about being able to pay for college1