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Treasurer’s Guide to China Payments

This Guide to China Payments provides an overview of the bank payments landscape and the common domestic payment practices and nuances in China.
7 min read
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Healthcare Transparency: A Trickle Could Become a River

If the goal is rationalized prices for healthcare services, drugs and devices, transparency is a start.
5 min read
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Addressing Pension Risk Mitigation for Healthcare Organizations

3 Strategies to Mitigate Pension Risk in 2019
3 min read
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The Miracle of a Proactive Strategy

Denials prevention/management and patient payment estimation/collection are two areas in which hospitals have historically taken a reactive approach and continue to fall short from the standpoint of performance.
5 min read
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Fundamental Accounting Concepts for FX Hedging

Volatility in the equity markets is commonplace and global currency markets have also seen larger than normal swings. Foreign exchange hedging products can mitigate the potentially adverse impact.
4 min read