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Everyone should have a financial advisor, because we can’t all be good at everything. I trust my PNC Wealth Management team to make good decisions on my behalf. I’m planning for my future while living my most purposeful life.

Empowering Executives to Negotiate the Best Pay, Perks and Protections

In her years as in-house counsel, Robin Bond felt a great sense of professional achievement leading corporations through large acquisitions, mergers and other legal matters. But it wasn’t until she started working one-on-one with people to navigate issues related to their careers that she felt she had found her true calling.

“Managing big corporate deals can be exciting, but along the way I realized I could make a greater impact by helping people manage the biggest ‘deal’ of their lives — their careers,” says Robin, who established the law firm Transition Strategies in 2000 to counsel, coach and represent executives in employment-related matters. She helps clients succeed in negotiating employment contracts and severance packages, developing exit strategies, understanding equity and noncompete issues, and addressing issues of discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

“Effective advocacy depends upon crafting a message that can be ‘heard.’ If we can help empower someone to justify the ask for better pay or perks, and to stand up for themselves when they feel they’re being treated unfairly, then they can build stronger, more successful careers with a lot less stress,” Robin explains. “We can also help them manage business disputes and avoid making mistakes that could potentially derail their careers.”

Evolving Expectations Require Special Care

Globalization and technology have increased the need for workplace advocates, Robin says. When your boss is from another country or your team is global, you need to understand and respect their culture and perspectives to work together effectively. And as communication preferences continue to skew toward electronic versus face-to-face, the potential for misunderstandings grows.

Recognize and respect the value you bring to your company. You probably could and should be asking for more.

“When there’s a disagreement, the executive may just need a fresh set of eyes to help find the workaround, and that’s what Transition Strategies provides,” she shares. “We ask, ‘What’s the issue, what have you tried and who is involved?’ Then we take a holistic look and work toward resolution.”

Although she sometimes communicates directly with employers on her clients’ behalf, Robin often works behind the scenes coaching her clients and ghostwriting communications for them. Equipping a client with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to negotiate their best deal or make their position clear empowers them to manage not only the situation at hand but future circumstances along their career path.

Working behind the scenes on her behalf is her PNC Wealth Management team.

“Everyone should have a financial advisor, because we can’t all be good at everything,” she says. “I trust my PNC Wealth Management team to make good decisions on my behalf. I’m planning for my future while living my most purposeful life.”

Business Awards

  • 2017 - 2019 National Association of Distinguished Counsel (Top 1% of attorneys nationally)
  • 2013 - 2019 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters), Employment Law
  • 2010 - 2019 Top Lawyers (Labor Law), Main Line Today and Philadelphia Magazine
  • 2010 - 2019 Awesome/Top Attorneys, Philadelphia, Suburban Life Magazine
  • 2016 Veterans of Influence Award, Philadelphia Business Journal
  • 2015 Lifetime Charter Member of Rue Ratings' Best Attorneys of America
  • 2015 Hall of Honor, Union League of Philadelphia
  • 2015 Delaware Valley HR Consultant of Year, Society for Human Resource Management
  • 2006 Women of Distinction, Philadelphia Business Journal

Community Involvement

  • Vice Chair and Founding Member, The Power of Professional Women, 2016 - 2017
  • Board of Directors, Forum of Executive Women, 2010 - 2014; Member, 2007 - Present
  • Surrey Services for Seniors, Governance Committee, 2018 - 2019

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