Investors face a multitude of challenges in 2021. Will inflation be a problem? How will new government initiatives affect the market? And will volatility continue?

Below, we list the top 10 themes investors may need to consider in 2021. 

10. Inflation 

Probability of a spike is low, too many deflationary forces still at play (demographics, tech, oil)

9. Cryptocurrencies 

New digital store of value? Will decentralized finance (DeFi) continue its expansion?

8. Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus


7. Political Uncertainty 

GA runoffs and a potential Dem sweep? Policy implications of a change in party in power

6. Secular Growth Trends 

Going Digital (“stay-at-home” trade), Sustainability & DEI/ESG

5. Elevated Valuations 

It’s all relative, global equities are expensive, even more so for bonds!

4. High Volatility Regime 

Not to be confused with a down market, because volatility cuts both ways

3. Emerging Markets 

Brightest star in the equity asset class universe

2. High Frequency Data 

The consumer is still consuming, but still very much living in a “stay-at-home” world

1. Earnings  

Upside and positive revisions required in 2021 for markets to grind higher

Top 10 Investor Themes for 2021