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General Businesses

Mitigating Fraud: Avoiding Check Fraud Schemes


Duration: 0:4:42

Many small companies choose paper payments over electronic payments in the belief that they are more secure, but instead they are particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting, forgeries and returned deposited item fraud.

Mitigating Risk: Electronic Solutions for Preventing Payments Fraud


Duration: 0:4:35

If you are already using online payments rather than paper checks, then you've taken an important step to preventing fraud.


Why are high growth farms hitting their credit limits?


Duration: 0:4:07

If you have an operation that's growing more than 10 percent a year, you may find it difficult to access capital. Learn why many high growth farms are experiencing this issue, and how your PNC Ag Banker may be able to help.

What are the Steps for Successful Disaster Recovery?


Duration: 0:4:23

When storms, tornadoes, fires or other natural disasters strike, what are the steps you should go through to recoup losses? This podcast will explain how the bank may work alongside your insurance company and other agencies to restore operational ability.

How do I Find Smart Capital Financing Opportunities?


Duration: 0:3:46

Hear ways to collaborate with your banker throughout your business planning process in order to capitalize on the best financing opportunities.

How Can I Improve My Farm's Payment Practices?


Duration: 0:4:18

Todd Landrum, Ag Banker, provides key insights on how farmers and agribusinesses can improve their payment practices.

What Should I Expect When I Get My Farm Appraised?


Duration: 0:4:18

Dan Sleeman, Ag Banker, explains why a farm business appraisal should be among your first steps if you're planning to pass down your farm, sell it, or preserve the land.


The New Breakthrough: Online Banking


Duration: 0:5:47

Embracing outdated banking methods can be as detrimental to your practice as using old-fashioned treatments might be for your patients..

Increasing Your Chances of Credit Approval for Your Practice


Duration: 0:6:15

With lenders increasing their diligence and vigilance when underwriting loans, even small healthcare practices may need to step up their financial reporting and oversight to obtain future credit. This podcast provides ideas that may help point your toward your next business credit approval.

Securing Funding for Your Practice


Duration: 0:4:08

In this podcast, we'll tell you about some of the better borrowing options out there.

Effectively Marketing Your Practice


Duration: 0:3:40

In this podcast, we'll offer some marketing tips to help healthcare practices get the word out, without breaking the bank.

Planning a Meeting with Your Banker


Duration: 0:3:37

This podcast will discuss how a meeting with your banker can help you, whether you're looking to buy an office, replace equipment or make other investments.


Do Business Better with Debit and Credit Cards


Duration: 0:5:07

Accelerate your receivables and keep your cash flow at a steady pace. The less cash you have tied up in operations, the more you have to invest in your business.

Implementing an Online Payroll System


Duration: 0:1.52

Your focus is usually on providing products and service to your customers. Every so often though, you or your employees process payroll. Today's online payroll options can make short work of the task and help you regain your time. In this podcast we'll talk about some of the advantages to using an online system.

How to Get a Business Appraisal


Duration: 0:3:45

Whether you plan to sell your business eventually, pass it on to a new generation, or simply retire, a formal business appraisal will help you create a successful sale or succession plan. In this podcast, PNC offers tips to help you get the most from this critical tool.

Disaster Recovery Considerations for Manufacturers


Duration: 0:5:14

We'll go through the key points, including IT backup plans, storage of financial records, plans for personnel to work offsite, and more, that may help a small business stay afloat in case of a natural or manmade disaster.

How to Save on Energy Costs


Duration: 0:5:04

In today's environment of tax credits and green operations, energy-saving efforts are becoming mission critical. In this podcast, PNC offers practical suggestions that don't require completely retrofitting your systems.

What Manufacturers Need to Have In-Hand to Secure Funding


Duration: 0:4:32

Once you've found funding sources, how can you best prepare to approach them for assistance? What numbers and details are necessary?

Professional Services, Accountants, Attorneys

Do Business Better with Debit and Credit Cards


Duration: 0:4:58

When you don't accommodate the needs of clients that prefer credit card purchasing, you may lose revenue.

Get Connected


Duration: 0:4:38

From chambers of commerce to business associations and local business leader development programs, small professional services companies stand to gain clients and ideas by getting involved in local networking organizations. Or building their own, with these ideas.

Marketing Plans to Help You Save


Duration: 0:3:45

Small professional services companies often face the challenge of attracting new clients on a shoestring marketing budget. These ideas may help companies save money while maximizing impact.

What is in a Good Disaster Recovery Plan?


Duration: 0:4:50

We'll go through the key points, including IT backup plans, storage of financial records, plans for personnel to work offsite, and more, that may help a small business stay afloat in case of a natural or manmade disaster.

Maintaining Solo and Small Law Practices


Duration: 0:4:49

Each year, a large number of attorneys open solo or small firms with the best of intentions--but the majority will close within the same year. In this podcast, PNC provides an overview of the steps that go into starting and maintaining a successful firm.

Are you planning ahead?


Duration: 0:4:36

Are You Planning Ahead? This podcast looks at the way a routine meeting with the banker can help small businesses prepare for growth, whether that's buying an office, increasing inventory or replacing vital equipment.


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