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PNC's Payment Solutions News e-newsletter will provide you with timely, relevant information about card products and services, including product updates, customer case studies and best practices that you can use to help enhance your organization's commercial card programs. We welcome your input on ideas for future topics or articles and ask that you share these with your card services representative.

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In this issue: 

Winter 2013

  • PNC Card Optimization -- How it Works
  • PNC delivers bottomline benefits to Telamon Corporation
  • Quick Tips: Can your organization improve payments efficiencies?
  • National Economic Outlook


Previous Issues:

Fall 2013

  • Recognizing Challenges in Fraud Protection
  • A Single Source for Comprehensive Solutions
  • Best Practices in Controlling Payment Fraud
  • National Economic Outlook

Spring 2013

  • Single Use Ghost Accounts Deliver Enhanced Spend Controls
  • SUGAs Deliver Greater Efficiency, Control and Savings in AP Processing
  • Quick Tips: Steps for Optimizing Savings
  • Single Use Ghost Accounts Streamline Claims Payments for GWC Warranty Corp.
  • National Economic Outlook

Fall 2012

  • Parkway Electric and Communications Moves To An Eco-Friendly Paperless Payroll System
  • Online Paystubs
  • Count On PNC to Help You Implement Paperless Solutions
  • Reduce the Cost Of Issuing Paystubs by Up To 88%*
  • Online Paystubs Make it Easier for Employees to Manage Their Finances
  • National Economic Outlook

Summer 2012

  • Community-based healthcare company converts 95% of suppliers to ActivePay
  • Make your payables process more efficient and gain added payment control
  • PNC's Commercial Card division was recently awarded the 2011 Service Quality Performance Award
  • QUICK TIP: Two proven ways to increase card payments among new and existing vendors
  • PNC seeks to speed the ActivePay enrollment process
  • National Economic Outlook
  • Upcoming Events

Spring 2012

  • New Benefit for Business Travelers
  • New PNC Visa Corporate Card with Chip Technology
  • Acceptance Issues Abroad make PNC Corporate Cards a Valuable Solution for The Elliott Group
  • Chip Acceptance is on its Way to the U.S.
  • Quick Tip: Replace Your Current Cards with Chip-enabled Cards
  • National Economic Outlook
  • Upcoming Events

Fall 2011

  • Overcoming Key Challenges to Streamlining the Invoice Process
  • Achieve significant savings through invoice automation
  • Optimize your entire AP process with integrated payment data
  • Quick Tip: Use purchasing cards to decrease invoice volume
  • Save up to $4.86 per invoice with A/P Advantage.

Summer 2011

  • Asplundh Tree Expert Co. increases electronic payroll to 85%
  • Give underserved employees without traditional bank accounts quick, easy access to their paychecks
  • Reduce payroll costs and improve employee satisfaction
  • Quick Tip: Save time and money by issuing Online Paystubs
  • Achieve 95% electronic payroll ... enjoy maximum savings
  • National Economic Outlook - June 2011
  • Mark Your Calendars!

Spring 2011

  • City of Newark, Ohio, uses PNC Purchasing Card Program to cut costs and improve operations
  • New IRS Reporting Rules: Simplify your Taxes with PNC Purchasing Cards
  • Implement a payment program that's tailored to your company's needs
  • PNC: A leader in eco-friendly development
  • Quick Tip: Streamline your reporting process with a customized solution from PNC
  • Achievement in numbers
  • Online Training Sessions Available at PNC's Resource Center
  • Mark Your Calendars!

Fall 2010

  • AEP Industries streamlines payment process with Payables Advantage
  • Payment Insights: Enjoy greater efficiency with total payment automation
  • Reduce the cost and maintenance of managing multiple payment systems
  • Achievement in numbers
  • Quick Tip: Deliver your remittance information automatically
  • IRS Compliance Rules Webinar November 18

Summer 2010

  • Teleflex Inc., Success Story
  • Insights from Visa: Leverage expanded spending and expense data capabilities
  • Product Spotlight on PNC Bank VisaŽ Corporate Card
  • Quick Tip: Improve vendor management and cut costs with the Visa Supplier Locator
  • Achievement in numbers

Spring 2010

  • Baltimore AirCoil Success Story
  • Insights from Visa: Optimizing your payment program and building your bottom line
  • Product Spotlight on PNC VisaŽ Commercial Card