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To create a positive team dynamic, consider both attitude and aptitude when recruiting and hiring.

If you're familiar with the expression "hire for attitude, train for skill," you know that the best hires bring a multiplying effect to your team, not only with their own skills and contributions, but also by enhancing the work of the team as a whole. Here are a few ways to determine if a candidate has what your team needs:

Know your team style. Before you attempt to add a productive new hire, take time to understand how your existing team works--and, equally important, how you want it to work. Are teammates collaborative or competitive? Laid back or high strung? How are members rewarded, and for what? Then, ask candidates about their experience working alone and with collaborators, whether they enjoy sparring with team members, and how their work was recognized. A lone wolf is unlikely to find satisfaction in a highly collaborative team, and someone who thrives on high-fives will likely be disappointed in a "winner take all" environment.

Know your team members. Every team is an "ecosystem" of individuals who contribute in different ways. Some team members are "teachers," imparting their knowledge freely, for example, while others are rule-benders. There are questioners, truth-tellers, can-doers and more. Is your team missing a vital player--one who reduces conflict or challenges the team to consider more options? Asking candidates for examples of how they interact with others will give you an idea of where they fit into the picture.

Keep it fresh. Hiring with an eye towards team-building is a delicate balance. While you'll want someone who will thrive in your organization's culture, avoid seeking conformity. Friction, after all, can be a good thing, even in the most collaborative of environments. And, diversity brings with it fresh approaches to old problems and new challenges alike. Don't be afraid to shake things up by adding a team member who isn't necessarily "one of us."

Keep an open mind. Listen to candidates' responses with an ear for what your team needs--and for enthusiasm, passion and a desire to learn. These are valuable assets for teams of every stripe.


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