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Equity and Interest Rate Derivatives
Protect your wealth and minimize risk.

Concentrated portfolio? Potential tax liabilities? High market valuation? Large number of company shares? Restricted stock? Shares from stock-for-stock merger? Company gone public? Recent inheritance? Trust?

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a hedging strategy. PNC has options for creating a well-balanced plan that matches your parameters for risk and reward.

Hedge Your Interest Rate Risk
Maximizing growth and mitigating risk. That's every investor's goal. PNC can work with you to assess your tolerance for risk, cash flow needs and financial objectives. Then, we'll develop and implement a plan that can help you to meet your unique goals. Through the use of interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars, FRAs, treasury locks, spread locks and other derivative products, PNC gives you plenty of options to help you manage your interest rate risk.

Protect the Value Of Your Stock Position
That's the number one reason to develop a hedging strategy. PNC gives you options - Put Options and Equity Collars - that can protect you from a decline in stock prices while preserving the upside potential of your securities.

Get Cash Upfront Against Your Stock Positions
That's the principal benefits of a monetizing strategy. You owe it to yourself to learn more about PNC's products: Equity Collar with a Loan, Prepaid Forward Contract, Sale of Call Options and Private Sale of Restricted Securities.

Financial Strength, Talent and Technology to Meet Your Financial Needs Now and in the Future
Our team of risk management specialists knows how to create and implement innovative and custom-tailored hedges that can help you meet your financial goals. We strive for innovation, and we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer support satisfaction.

Get the Information You Need Today
PNC is here to help you achieve your business goals. For more information on Equity and Interest Rate Derivatives, please contact the PNC professionals at 412-762-7759.