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Fall 2013

Recognizing Challenges in Fraud Protection

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Jeff Felser

A note from Jeff Felser, Senior Vice President

Payment fraud attempts may never be completely prevented, but there has been an important decrease in their incidence. This month's newsletter points out many of the measures enterprises are taking to reduce their exposure.



Comprehensive Customizable Solutions

Extensive payments fraud protection services built into products and platforms can help PNC Commercial clients reduce Check, ACH, Wire and Card fraud. This snapshot of protection services can help assess whether you've implemented the services that could be important for your business.



Seven Best Practices -- More than Just Buzzwords

With today's information proliferation and the pace of change in technology, it can be hard to distinguish time-tested Best Practices from industry jargon. We have assembled fraud protection guidelines that are practical, actionable and employable within your organization.


Analysis and Forecasts of Key U.S. Economic Variables

Published early each month, PNC's National Economic Outlook provides analysis and forecasts of key U.S. data, such as real GDP, interest rates, inflation, income, employment, industrial production and housing prices.


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