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Wire Transfer Origination Travel Rule Update


RE: Wire Transfer Origination

Dear Valued Client:

The Travel Rule, put forth jointly by the Federal Reserve and the Department of Treasury, requires financial institutions to forward specific information about a wire transfer. The Travel Rule requires that the following information be obtained by our bank and forwarded with the wire transfer:

- Your name, address and deposit account number
- The amount of the wire transfer
- The execution date of the wire transfer
- The name, address and the account number of the person you want the receiving bank to pay (the "beneficiary")
- The beneficiary's financial institution

All United States financial institutions are required to include certain information in outgoing wire transfers. As a wire transfer originator, you will be expected to supply PNC Bank with the information listed above when you originate a wire transfer.

Failure to provide complete information at the time of origination may result in wire transfer processing delays.

Please have the information listed above ready to provide to PNC Bank when you originate your wire transfer.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call your PNC Bank Sales Associate or Wire Transfer Product Client Services at 1-800-762-9473 option #3.