Corporate & Institutional
Loan Syndications
Obtain capital in a timely, efficient manner.

When you need more credit than any single commercial bank can offer, turn to PNC's Loan Syndications Group. We can assemble a loan syndicate that puts together all the credit you need. Identifying, structuring, documenting and distributing loan syndications is our business, and we're leaders in the field for middle market companies. PNC has the experience and expertise to effectively lead, structure, arrange, distribute and administer a multi-bank credit facility to help support your company's vision for success.

Fund a Large Acquisition or Major Project
We understand that executing a debt financing is a critical, intricate and often complicated process. PNC can help your company gain timely access to debt financing by managing all aspects of the syndication process, from inception through completion.

Experienced Professionals Working For You
Our staff of syndication professionals has an average of 15 years experience in syndications, relationship management and credit positions. They are specialists in key industries: Energy, Metals and Mining, Communications, Real Estate, Leveraged Finance and Business Credit.

A Track Record of Success
PNC is committed to meeting the demand for debt financing in order to support the mergers, acquisitions, capital improvements and overall growth by our middle market customers.

According to Loan Pricing Corporation (LPC), for 2007 and the fifth year in a row, PNC ranked No. 1 in the Northeast as lead arranger of traditional middle market loan syndications based on number of deals. In addition, LPC ranked PNC No. 2 in the U.S. as lead arranger of traditional middle market loan syndications.

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