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If you have international receivables and payables, PNC has powerful tools that can improve cash flow between your accounts with $53.5 billion of transfer activity every day and over 6.84 million wire transfers a year.

International Payments 
U.S. dollar and foreign currency paymtents can be sent and received on behalf of our clients through our worldwide network of correspondent banks.

Canada Express
Let PNC help you "cross the border" to manage your Canadian market receivables and payables. PNC's Canada Express offers a comprehensive set of treasury management products designed to help meet your Canadian banking needs.
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Multicurrency Accounts
Multicurrency accounts are deposit accounts that let you hold foreign currencies, instead of U.S. dollars. Each currency is held in a separate account and are FDIC insured. Accounts are available in 30 major and most emerging market currencies, including offshore Chinese Renminbi (CNH). You'll still have only one statement and one banking relationship to manage.
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Manage Foreign Exchange Online
Global business transactions often require you to make and receive payments in non-U.S. currencies. As a result, you need an efficient way to initiate, approve and pay for foreign exchange transactions online. PINACLE FX allows you to access real-time exchange rates, purchase or sell foreign currency on a spot or forward basis and initiate wires and drafts payments, all from your PC. 
Launch the demo and take a tour of PINACLE FX functionality.
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International Funds Transfer
PNC's PINACLE Funds Transfer service allows you to initiate both domestic and international wire transfers - in U.S. dollars and foreign currency. For added security, this function utilizes an additional one-time password at wire transfer approval. Initiate Fed payments, international payments in U.S. dollar and foreign currency, book transfers, drawdown, federal tax payments, and foreign draft issuance in both U.S. dollars and foreign currency.
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International Balance Reporting
PNC can provide detail and summary account information on your foreign currency accounts held with financial institutions in other countries. Through PNC's International Balance Reporting Service, you can receive information on your foreign bank accounts, consolidated in one place - your desktop. As a result, you can reduce the time and expense associated with subscribing to a number of balance reporting systems.
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SWIFT enables its users to exchange automated, standardized financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. Whether you are considering the use of SWIFT FileAct to fulfill your company's file transmission connections or simply need prior and/or current day account reporting via SWIFT Statements, as an active member of SWIFT, PNC can provide those services.
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