Corporate & Institutional
Treasury Management
As one of the nation's top treasury management providers, we can help you manage working capital more effectively and transition your receivables, payables, investments and information reporting activities from paper to electronic.
Payments and Disbursements
Collections and Deposits
> Card Services
> Comprehensive Payment Origination
> Account Reconcilement Program
> Controlled Disbursement Account
> Positive Pay
> Payee Positive Pay
> Image Retrieval Service
> Direct Deposit
> Funds Transfer
> Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
> Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
> Automated Clearing House (ACH)
> Invoice Automation
> SWIFT for Corporates
> Prepaid Card Solutions
Liquidity and Investments
> Wholesale and Retail Lockbox
> Remote Deposit (Deposit On-Site)
> Automated Clearing House (ACH)
> Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
> Depository Services
> Spec Sheets
Information Reporting
> Working Cash Sweep
> Business Sweep Checking
> Corporate Money Market Deposit Account
> Corporate Certificates of Deposit
> Liquidity Management Portal
Online Banking
> Previous Day Reporting
> Current Day Reporting
> Special Reports
> PINACLE Express