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Liquidity and Investments
We can help you improve your cash position - we'll show you how

PNC can play a key role in helping you improve your cash position by providing a completely automated cash management tool designed to help increase returns on idle cash balances and minimize interest expense on your line of credit.

Working Cash Sweep
You can spend countless hours trying to manage your excess funds, transferring idle cash to and from higher yielding investment accounts or borrowing against a line of credit, seeking to maximize earnings and minimize interest expense. PNC's Working Cash Sweep Service, an automated cash management tool, helps you manage your company's cash position more efficiently.

Business Sweep Checking
As your cash position changes from day to day, Business Sweep Checking gives you the ability to respond immediately. Business Sweep Checking works within your specific reserve requirements by establishing a target balance for your checking account. On a daily basis, any balances above that target are automatically swept into your investment account. Your checking account can automatically be linked for investment in a FDIC insured PNC Bank money market deposit account. This provides maximum earning power; instant liquidity and a statement of sweep activity combined with your checking account statement.

Corporate Money Market Deposit Account
The Corporate Money Market Deposit Account enhances your total liquidity management through a PNC Bank money market account paying competitive rates on deposit balances.

Corporate Certificates of Deposit
When you don't need immediate access to these funds, or don't want to expose them to the market risk associated with other types of investments, put them to work earning a fixed interest rate in a PNC Bank Corporate Certificate of Deposit (CD).

For details on PNC's Liquidity and Investment services, contact your Treasury Management Officer or call 1-877-PNC-IDEA (762-4332).