Corporate & Institutional
Payment and Disbursements
Benefit from an extensive array of payment and disbursement options that can help you keep your payables under control and on track

Whether you want to exercise greater control, improve your ability to monitor payments, enjoy advanced reporting functionality or decrease the risk of fraud, PNC can help.

Account Reconcilement Program
A PNC Account Reconcilement Program can help you monitor outstanding checks to detect fraud and reduce your disbursement risk. We can offer a number of options that will streamline disbursement operations and reduce the time you spend reconciling and monitoring accounts.

Controlled Disbursement
Manage daily reimbursements, minimize idle cash balances and tighten account management with a minimum of administrative involvement. Fund your daily payables in the way that?s most convenient for you, and enjoy a level of automation that lets you be as involved as you want to be.

Image Retrieval Service
Store and access your paid checks on CD and say goodbye to hard copies that are cumbersome to store and even more inconvenient to search through.

Direct Deposit
We make it easy for you to automatically deposit funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. And it's not only for payroll. Use Direct Deposit to make expense reimbursements to employees, pension and annuity payments or even shareholder dividends.

Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay
Enhance your ability to make payment decisions with Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay. A strict matching and validation process allows us to provide you with online digitized images of exception items so you can make prompt payment decisions.

Comprehensive Payables
With one simple data transmission, you can take the drudgery out of your payables processing. Based on your instructions, we?ll handle all of your payables. Whatever format you require, we can ensure that payments are made promptly and conveniently.

ACH and Funds Transfer
Pay your suppliers, vendors, government taxes and employees through PNC's Automated Clearinghouse services. You'll reduce costs while disbursing funds efficiently.

Electronic Data Interchange
Transmitting payment information electronically can substantially reduce your costs and eliminate the errors that can accompany paper-based processing. Implementing an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system through PNC makes it easy to handle payables efficiently.

Card Services
One of our VISA card solutions can help you manage expenditures and keep your company on a sound financial track. No matter what your size, we have a card that's right for you.

Zero Balance Account
Take advantage of a Zero Balance Account to consolidate cash between principal and subsidiary accounts and automatically initiate disbursements for maximum convenience. Make your reconciliation process easier and reduce the time you spend making transfers between accounts.