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Account Reconcilement Program

A PNC Account Reconcilement Program can help you monitor outstanding checks to detect fraud and reduce your disbursement risk.

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Choose the best reconciliation plan to meet your needs
PNC offers several reconciliation plans to help you monitor your disbursements and keep track of outstanding payments. Any selected service plan will help you reduce time spent reconciling and monitoring your disbursements.

The Full Plan provides a full reconcilement of your PNC Bank disbursement account. With this option, you provide a check issue file to PNC Bank via transmission or through PINACLE, which details the check serial number, check amount, issue date and status indicator (issue or cancel) for each item issued during the period.

The Partial Plan provides a partial reconcilement of disbursement accounts if you have a small volume of checks, are unable to provide check issue information, or need to perform the full account reconcilement in-house. You receive complete reports of all checks paid against the disbursement account during the reconcilement period, along with check serial number, dollar amount and paid date for each paid item.

Take advantage of our account reconciliation options and enjoy a range of benefits.
A PNC Reconcilement Program can streamline your disbursement operations and offer you options tailored to fit your company while helping to reduce disbursement and payment fraud risk. Tighten your control over payments and reduce the time you spend on reconciling and monitoring accounts.

Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's Account Reconcilement Program - download the Product Sheet.

For details on enrolling in PNC's Account Reconcilement Programs, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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