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PNC offers a comprehensive suite of payment cards, backed by industry-leading technology, to help you better manage spending, increase efficiencies and improve bottom-line results.

PNC's dedicated account management team can determine an effective mix of payment options for your company by developing a customized payments protocol to support all of your disbursement needs. This collaborative approach helps you maximize the efficiencies and cost savings associated with various payment methods, including commercial cards.

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Choose from a selection of cards to meet your company's needs.

Expand your card program with ActivePay

PNC's ActivePay can serve as your organization's primary payment method. By combining proactive and real-time authorization of card-based purchasing with your organization's existing purchase order authorization and approval processes, you can expand the use of cards to new levels and benefit from additional operating efficiencies, gain greater spending control and further mitigate purchasing risk. 

Integrate cards into your existing payment systems
ActivePay enables the integration of commercial cards as a settlement option within existing Accounts Payables (AP) processes, providing greater opportunities for you to:

  • maximize payment controls,
  • enhance transaction and data management, and
  • increase the financial benefits of card usage.

PNC's ActivePay solution is an easy-to-use technology that supports a variety of capabilities, including the settlement of card transactions directly to a supplier's merchant account.  PNC provides consultative support to help identify opportunities for centralized card usage and for seamlessly integrating card functionality with your current systems.   

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Cards for General Procurement

Streamline the procurement of goods and services.
Medium to large sized companies need to streamline the purchase of goods and services to reduce the time and costs associated with the traditional purchasing process. And, you want to accomplish this without costly investment, complicated implementations or reduced control over individual spending levels and budgets.

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Cards for Travel and Entertainment 

Streamline travel-related expenses and reimbursements.
You need an efficient tool to pay for business travel-related expenses, streamline the employee reimbursement process and still maintain expense controls and visibility. And, you want flexible billing and payment options, focused travel reporting for all organizational spending, and optional cash access and employee travel benefits.

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Cards for Procurement plus Travel and Entertainment

Leverage procurement and travel functionality in a single card solution.
You need to streamline purchase order and expense reimbursement processes without costly investment or complicated implementations, yet also maintain control over individual spending levels. And, you also need to establish separate spending allowances for purchasing and travel-related expenditures and have easy access to consolidated reporting and statements for all company spending.

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Pre-paid Card Services

PNC offers a safe, flexible and cost-effective way to automate a variety of disbursement activities including payroll, employee rewards, per diem expenses, petty cash, beneficiary payments, and business-to-business incentive programs.

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Card Services and certain other products and services require credit approval.

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