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Direct Deposit

We make it easy for you to automatically deposit funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network 

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And it's not only for payroll. Use Direct Deposit to make expense reimbursements to employees, pension and annuity payments or even shareholder dividends.

Your employees will love having access to their funds on payday

And, you'll enjoy the convenience of handling payroll through Direct Deposit. It makes handling recurring payments easy as PNC. Just have your employees or other payees sign a simple authorization form and provide their banking details. Transmit an electronic payment file two days prior to your pay date, and funds will be available first thing in the morning on payday. Your PNC settlement account will be debited the same day.

User-friendly reporting helps you keep track of exceptions

In the event that some of your ACH credit entries are returned, we'll provide exception information in a user-friendly report that's easy to integrate with spreadsheets or other reporting software. Through a variety of origination reports, you can conveniently monitor your payment file status, dollars processed and maintenance performed.


Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's Direct Deposit ACH Origination Service.

To enroll in PNC's Direct Deposit service, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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