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A/P Advantage allows you to realize the full benefits of automating the AP process. Complementing PNC's ActivePay and Payable Advantage solutions, it converts paper invoices to electronic images and automates the steps that occur between procurement and payment. With A/P Advantage, you can efficiently:

  • Match invoices to purchase orders
  • Automate invoice routing and approval
  • Expedite dispute resolution
  • Gain real-time visibility into your process with 10 reports that can be sorted and exported
  • Capture early discounts by optimizing Days Payables Outstanding

A/P Advantage leverages highly configurable workflow technology that does not require custom programming. Your PNC AP Automation Consultant will work with you to scope, define and execute a solution based on your business requirements. A/P Advantage also provides a supplier portal for online submission, tracking and communicating with AP.

Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's A/P Advantage. Download the product sheet.

Watch the demo below to see how A/P Advantage helps you streamline invoice processing


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