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PNC's Positive Pay can help maintain even tighter control over your disbursements 

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Enhance Your Pay/Return Decision Making
PNC clients with account reconcilement services can enjoy the protection of Positive Pay, an automated check matching program. Positive Pay allows you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

Through Positive Pay, you simply transmit issue data to PNC when your company issues checks. Used in conjunction with our Account Reconcilement Program plans, Positive Pay complements the internal security measures you employ to protect against unauthorized checks being paid. When items are presented for payment, our matching and validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided. Digitized images of exception items are provided online to enhance your pay/return decision-making. Review suspicious items efficiently and make timely payment decisions.

Two convenient Positive Pay services are available to address your needs. 
PNC's bank-maintained service allows you to send us a file of check issue data each day. We'll maintain your issue data and match checks as they are presented. Items not found in our database will be reported to you as exceptions that require a pay or return decision.

If you choose our client maintained service, we'll provide you with a daily file of checks presented to us for payment. Then, you compare the checks presented with your own records and notify us regarding your payment decisions.

PINACLE provides one-stop access to review Positive Pay exceptions and reduces disbursement risk by allowing you to review "suspect" items online. 
Now, through PINACLE's; Positive Pay Module, you can have timely access to your Positive Pay exception items, helping you to reduce disbursement risk. Through user-friendly screens, you can easily review your Positive Pay exceptions and view images of those exceptions. You can also create issue records for your issue file and instruct us how to handle your exception items. As a result, this Web-based workflow tool helps to automate and streamline your accounts payable process, which can save you time and money.


Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's Positive Pay Service offered through PINACLE - download the Product Sheet.
Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay Services - download the Product Sheet.
Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC's Reverse Positive Pay - download the Product sheet.

To enroll in PNC's Positive Pay service, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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