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Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Consolidate cash between your principal and subsidiary accounts

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PNC Bank's Zero Balance Account (ZBA) service enables us to link your company's bank accounts using our own internal process. Once your daily banking transactions have been posted, we'll net the balance of each subsidiary account to the principal account.

Manage Your Disbursements
After your funds are consolidated in the main account, we'll automatically transfer funds to pay the items presented against the sub-accounts.

Using consolidated cash to fund payments can significantly benefit your business.
You can simplify cash consolidation within your existing account structure, and avoid overdrafts on subsidiary accounts that can be caused by late day disbursements. You'll also reduce the time you spend initiating book transfers between company accounts and streamline funding between principal and subsidiary accounts.

We also make your reconciliation process easier. Every month you'll receive a statement with details on all your net zero balance transfers, identified by account number, for an accurate accounting of all your fund transfers.

Acrobat PDF File Learn more about PNC Bank's ZBA and other Depository Services - download the Product Sheet.

For details on PNC Bank's Zero Balance Accounts, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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