Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Asset Management
At PNC, the belief that your success is our success informs everything we do.
Investment management is a significant component of our comprehensive wealth management offering, and we take a highly personal and customized approach to managing your money. Working hand in hand with you, we strive to understand every aspect of your life that affects your financial goals. Then we craft the customized solutions necessary to achieve these goals.

Our approach to investment management includes an open architecture platform that combines our own comprehensive investment management capabilities with best-in-class options from outside managers to provide the optimal mix of assets for your portfolio.

A disciplined process combined with client participation yields the best results, and when you invest with PNC, you can count on discipline, personal attention and customized solutions.

As a PNC client, you may benefit from a customized strategy designed with your unique financial goals in mind.

Based on an understanding of your needs, developed through a series of personal meetings, we'll devise a strategy that takes your concerns into account to help you achieve your financial goals. Your time horizon, return objectives, tax situation and unique personal circumstances strive to come together in a strategy that's tailored just for you.

The amount of risk you choose to assume is the one aspect of investing you can control. Understanding your appetite for risk is critical for us to do the best job possible in managing your investments.

Once we've developed this understanding and structured your investments accordingly, we monitor your portfolio and rebalance strategically and tactically to help ensure that you remain within your stated risk objective.

Holding a concentrated investment portfolio is inherently risky. Some investors, particularly company executives who are compensated in part with shares, can end up with very large positions in one stock.

If you have a large equity position and would like to diversify your holdings, we offer a number of strategies that can help you reduce your exposure.

PNC Investments offers a full range of products for occasional or active traders. No matter what type of account you choose, you can work with one of our professional Financial Consultants by phone or in person.
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