Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Asset Allocation

We believe asset allocation, or the process of investing your assets in the optimal mix of major asset classes, including stocks, bonds and cash, has been proven to contribute more to long-term investment results than any other strategy.

A well-constructed asset allocation model will distribute your investments among different types of assets to help effectively manage risk and help enhance the predictability of returns.

One of the most important approaches to investing may be diversification across asset classes.

Using a variety of proprietary tools and analytical techniques, we allocate your investments across asset classes based on your unique investment objectives. We call this strategic matching, which means that we establish a match between the asset allocation and your investment goals. Rather than focusing on outperforming a particular stock market index, our efforts are concentrated on helping you achieve your personal investment objectives.

Strategic matching establishes a road map to help you reach your long-term goals, and provides us with a basis for monitoring your progress. More importantly, it can help you move beyond thinking of results only in terms of beating common benchmarks such as the S&P 500. We help keep you focused on what we believe really matters - achieving your long-term investment objectives.

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