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Personal Finance
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Family Wealth Planning

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Wealth affords many opportunities, but it can also create enormous challenges. The more wealth your family accumulates, the more you need a comprehensive approach that will speak to the myriad choices you face in managing your wealth. Many families, like yours, with significant assets turn to PNC Wealth Management for sophisticated solutions that help meet the complex needs of your individual situation.

Helping You Establish Priorities

At PNC, we work to know you and your family and to understand your values and the things that are important to you. In crafting the financial solutions that will help ensure financial security for your family and generations to come, we look beyond numbers to focus on what's really important to you.

Communicating Your Values

Surprisingly, many families with significant wealth find it difficult to discuss money matters. Their wealth becomes a source of anxiety rather than pleasure. Will my children be spoiled? Will the potential of a large inheritance act as a disincentive to achievement? Will they understand the value of hard work? How should I provide for future generations?

We strive to understand your history, your values and the sensitive family issues that can affect how you deal with your wealth. The relationships we develop with the families we serve last for generations, and we appreciate the topics that can cause you concern. With long experience in addressing the emotional components of wealth management, we can help you consider these issues.

Meeting the Spectrum of Wealth Management Needs

PNC Wealth Management offers you a comprehensive range of services to manage and enjoy your wealth. From financial planning and investment management, to trust and estate planning, trust administration, gifting and charitable solutions, we can provide the expertise that will help ensure financial security for you today, and for future generations to come.

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