Supplier Diversity
Supplier Diversity
Tier II Process Overview

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I.    Objective

To maximize opportunities to engage MWDBE firms as suppliers of products and services. PNC encourages its primary suppliers to use MWDBE firms as subcontractors, as well. This is called "Tier II Diversity Spending".

Tier II diversity spending supplements and enhances the corporation's existing Tier I efforts to source with MWDBE suppliers and enforces our commitment to Supplier Diversity & Development through the engagement of our future and existing suppliers.

You will be asked to provide two types of Tier II spending data to PNC, direct and/or indirect.

  • Tier II Direct - Captures MWDBE suppliers engaged as subcontractors to specifically support a contract with PNC.
  • Tier II Indirect - Tier II indirect captures dollars spent by MWDBE firms engaged globally by a primary supplier as a contractor and/or sub-contractor providing all types of services that are not directly linked to a PNC contract.

II.    Process Flow

Suppliers can electronically submit Tier II reporting data through our automated Supplier Management portal.

III.    Report Content and Timing

The deadline for submission of quarterly Tier II spend information is forty five (45) days past the close of the reporting quarter.