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Solutions for Government Contracting

We understand your business 
Government contracting is complex. Your business can be highly susceptible to political changes and government spending priorities. Having access to the resources and insight of a trusted business advisor who understands your industry and speaks your language can be a valuable asset and make it easier to maneuver through complex business situations. At PNC, we are committed to putting our years of experience providing financial services to government contractors to work for you.

Government contracting has a language of its own. And PNC speaks it fluently. After all, PNC is both a provider of financial services to government contractors and a government contractor ourselves. We are proud to be a vendor to the U.S. Treasury and to the Chief Business Office in the Veterans Health Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

We can offer solutions
No matter what size your business, we can help your company grow with the right solutions and services. At PNC, we offer a range of tailored solutions for government contractors, including offering creative financing and treasury management solutions:


  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Acquisition financing
  • ESOP financing
  • Foreign currency lines of credit
  • Equipment financing
Treasury Management Solutions
  • Online treasury management tools (PINACLE Web) for increased ease and accessibility
  • Image-based national lockbox network to help reduce cycle times so that cash flows into your business as quickly as possible
  • Controlled disbursement to reduce amount reconcilement time and improve cash forecasting and investment opportunities
Card Services
  • Comprehensive suite of payment cards to manage and track procurement and travel-related expenditures so you can benefit from operational efficiencies and cost savings associated with card payment programs, including incentive programs. You can increase, decrease or suspend limits and areas of use all from your office, allocation and tracking of expenses to individual contracts, ease employee's ability to get the job done.
Risk Management Services
  • Solutions to help mange interest rate, equity and currency exposure quickly and cost effectively
  • Solutions can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs, enabling you to take full advantage of current market conditions
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) programs
  • EFT programs, including ACH and merchant card services, designed to accommodate government requirements, including:
    • Vendor Express EFT, and EDI initiative of the Treasury
    • HIPAA mandated changes related to government healthcare payments and provider programs
    • EFTPS and other tax payment program
WorkPlace Banking
  • 401K and other Employee Programs to help you remain competitive in the talent market and the Employer of Choice
Additional Financial Services for government contractors:
  • Capital markets
  • International services
  • M&A Advisory Services (through Harris Williams & Co.)
  • Institutional Investments
  • Personal Wealth Management

More than a client
When you work with PNC, you'll team up with bankers who understand the nuances of government contracting. Drawing on our experience, we can create solutions and generate ideas that address your unique business needs. And we are proud of our reputation for building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, so whether you are growing through acquisition or expanding when you win a major new contract and need additional financing, we are ready to help.

Important links for government contractors
Central Contractor Registration:
U.S. Government Information:
Federal Government Budget:

If you would like to learn more, please contact:
Doug Brown at 202-835-4992
Crissola Kennedy-Talsania at 301-347-3213

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