Small Business
Small Business
Employee Benefits
The best people often join companies that offer valuable benefits. PNC can help your small business do more with your benefits budget. Our retirement and personal banking products help you to take care of your employees even better, and that's the best way to take care of your business.
Make it easier for your employees to save for retirement by matching their contributions. You'll get a healthy tax deduction, and a competitive edge. PNC's SIMPLE IRA (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) is the tax-favored retirement plan for small businesses. Set-up and management are easy and affordable for you. Saving is easy for your employees. Contributions come out of their salaries before taxes and, along with your matching dollars, grow tax-deferred.
Give your employees faster, direct access to their money and financial services that save them time and fees on banking services, and builds goodwill for you. PNC's WorkPlace Banking program includes Direct Deposit, virtually anytime banking and investment services as part of this package, and can be offered by your company at little or no cost - and yield big rewards.
The benefits your employees want. The flexibility your business needs. More savings for both. Enhance your health benefits offerings with the PNC Health Savings Account.