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Become an Industry Expert

Position yourself as a leader and gain valuable exposure.

Parlay your expertise to further your reputation as a trusted resource in your industry, get media coverage and convert followers into customers. Here are a few ways to distinguish yourself among your professional peers.

Embrace the Expert Within
Modesty is not your friend. Bragging about your prowess may be considered crass, but frankly, if you want others to perceive you as an expert in your field, you need the confidence to refer to yourself as an expert. Of course, you'll need to back up your claims with actual expertise, but don't be afraid to tout your knowledge.

Publish Yourself
While submitting an article to an industry trade magazine remains a great way to further your reputation as an expert, don't limit yourself to print. Blogs are easy to create and allow you to share your opinion. Think short and action-oriented rather than scholarly. The key to blogging is to consistently provide useful information that spurs readers to engage with you and each other.

Teach Others
Your local high schools or community colleges likely offer low-cost (or free) continuing education courses on a wide range of topics. Get a sense of the types of courses they provide by looking through their course listings and can then pitch a course that will resonate with the community. Online sites such as Peer to Peer University, Learnopia and Udutu allow you to create course content and share your expertise with others for free or for a small fee.

Talk it Up
Apply to speak at your industry's national conference, and you'll be asked to supply a list of prior speaking engagements. Start locally and build yourself up. Chambers of Commerce and small business associations often look for expert speakers. Contact local businesses and offer a free lunchtime or after-hours seminar to employees. Once you've added some speaking engagements to your résumé, submit a thought-provoking presentation title and abstract to your industry association well in advance of the event, since many events begin speaker recruitment months before.

Send Out Media Releases
Once you publish an article or land a speaking gig, send a media release to the editors at your local newspapers. Not only might this outreach gain you a mention in the newspaper, but also, you might become a go-to person for journalists looking to add expert opinions to articles they are researching.


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