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Focus your efforts on what you do best.

Unless you're an accountant, what you do best probably doesn't include the cumbersome but vital task of managing payroll. Many small business owners end up diverting their attention away from the income-producing aspects of their enterprises to wrestle with the chores involved in processing payroll.

Manual Payroll Processing Is Time-Consuming 

Even experienced business owners can find manual payroll processing to be a huge pain.

  • Keeping track of complex payroll regulations and ever-changing withholding tables
  • Calculating pay amounts and deductions, writing checks and making all of the proper federal, state and local payroll tax filings.

Its not uncommon for small business owners or their office managers to spend two to four hours processing payroll each time they do it manually - lost time that adds up to dozens, even hundreds, of hours over the course of a year.

Mistakes are Costly

The Internal Revenue Service can be unforgiving when it comes to late or incorrect payroll tax filings, and businesses can face substantial fines for violations in this area.

Online Payroll Services Offer an Affordable New Alternative for Managing Payroll

Small business owners who want to avoid wrestling with managing payroll historically have done so through an accountant or a payroll service - but the costs associated with those options can be prohibitive for some smaller businesses. Fortunately, the Internet is offering an affordable new alternative for managing payroll. Online payroll services:

  • Utilize the Internet to collect, process and store payroll data
  • Provide an beginning-to-end solution for handling all of a business' payroll needs
  • Can dramatically reduce the time required to process payroll

Process Your Payroll Anytime, From Anywhere

With an online payroll service you can:

  • Process your payroll anytime it's convenient for you from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Enter employee hours, and the service automatically calculates gross earnings, deductions and net pay.
  • Pay employees via Direct Deposit or print checks from your own computer, with pay stubs and W-2s calculated automatically.
  • Automate payment of payroll taxes and the filing of payroll tax forms - required payroll tax calculations and payroll tax forms are included.
  • Get e-mail reminders to notify you when tax payments and filings are due. Process the payments electronically, or print out the completed forms and manually process your tax payments and filings.

Determining Whether Online Payroll Is Right for Your Business

Consider the time it takes to process your payroll manually, the complicated requirements and the financial consequences of mistakes, and the advantages of an online payroll service are clear. Consider the following when evaluating any online payroll service:

>> Is it easy to get started? Is there software to buy, install or upgrade? Are there any setup fees?
>> Does it offer customer service? Are you able to easily access knowledgeable customer support during set up and for as long as you use the service?
>> Does it fit your business? If your business has a large number of employees or highly unique payroll requirements, a traditional payroll service still may be your best option.
>> What's your commitment? Can you cancel the service at any time? Are there any hidden charges? Can you "test drive" the service with no cost or obligation and check out how it can benefit your business?


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