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PNC Real Estate is a leading provider of tax credit solutions for developers nationwide. We combine Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity financing with our affordable housing debt solutions to deliver a seamless financing package for the construction or redevelopment of affordable housing. Through our national Historic Tax Credit (HTC) program, we deliver a breadth of financing solutions to assist in the rehabilitation of all types of historic properties.

Leveraging our tax credit expertise, we arrange broadly diversified LIHTC multi-investor funds, as well as LIHTC proprietary funds to accredited institutional investors.

Select the solution that best suits your needs:
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Equity Solutions
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Investor
Historic Tax Credit & New Markets Tax Credit Investments

  • LIHTC For Multifamily Property Types
  • Construction Loan
  • Pre-development Funding: The Pre-Development Advance Program (PDAP) provides our clients with pre-development advances on transactions where PNC Real Estate is providing tax credit equity. This program assists clients with pre-development funds for such purposes as meeting carryover requirements, land acquisition, working capital, or bridging timing differences related to loan or equity closings. For more specifics about the program, please contact one of our affordable housing experts today.
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