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Barbara Hutchinson
Business Details
Chesapeake Cardiac Care, P.A.
Annapolis, MD

Words of Wisdom

"Get to know every member of your team and have an open-door policy. Every person who works with you has something to teach you. Listen and learn."

Community Involvement

more  Board Member, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County YWCA, 2007 - Present
more  Executive Board Member, Association of Black Cardiologists, 2009 - Present
more  Member, Links Incorporated Annapolis Chapter, 2010 - Present
more  Member, Women Presidents' Organization Baltimore Chapter, 2010 - Present

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Barbara A. Hutchinson, MD, Ph.D., FACC
Owner and Managing Partner
Chesapeake Cardiac Care, P.A.

"When I need something, my banker listens, understands what I'm trying to do, and has the history with my company and others to advise me ... PNC has offered us solutions that really make a difference."

Following Her Heart

When Barbara Hutchinson was growing up on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago, a singular question plagued her mind: Why did her father's side of the family suffer so much illness - in particular, heart disease - while her mother's family stayed healthy? She promised herself to one day find the answer.

Today, Dr. Barbara Hutchinson, who earned a Ph.D. in cardiovascular pharmacology from Howard University and an M.D. from the University of Maryland, operates her own cardiology practice, Chesapeake Cardiac Care in Annapolis, where her patients count on her for answers to the same questions that led her to this career.

"When people come to me with heart problems, they are nervous," Dr. Hutchinson shares. "I educate them about their condition and explain the importance of making the right choices - diet, exercise, and watching their cholesterol levels and blood pressure. That's what heart health is all about. My goal is to give patients and their loved ones peace of mind. They leave my office confident that they have the tools to manage their disease."

Managing a Robust Practice

In addition to her practice, which includes two physicians besides herself, Dr. Hutchinson serves as medical director of the Heart and Vascular Unit at Anne Arundel Medical Center and on the faculty of the University of Maryland Hospital. She is also the principal investigator of a research project assessing therapies for patients with a history of myocardial infarction. How does she find time to manage the business aspects of her practice?

"This is the most challenging part of my job," says Dr. Hutchinson, who says she spends about 20 percent of her time managing her business. "I am trained to be a clinician. For the business side, I rely on partners to help me. PNC is marvelous in this sense, providing me with guidance and answers. When I need something, my banker listens, understands what I'm trying to do, and has the history with my company and others to advise me.

"PNC also understands how important efficiency is to our practice. In addition to providing us with business loans, they have offered us solutions, such as lockbox and merchant services, that really make a difference."

As Dr. Hutchinson's practice continues to grow in Annapolis, she continues to investigate opportunities for providing cardiac care to her homeland of Tobago. "For now, people from my country come to me here, and I gladly open my clinic to them," she says. "But it saddens me that they have no cardiologist of their own, and I would like to one day provide that service for them."