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Judy Kucway
Business Details
Motor City Stamping Incorporated
Detroit, MI


Words of Wisdom

"Remember that cash flow is critical to success."

Community Involvement

more  Board member, Austin Catholic Academy, 2001 - Present

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Judy Kucway
Motor City Stamping Incorporated

"I had worked with another bank for many years - in fact, I sat on its board - but once I saw what PNC had to offer, I moved my business and personal accounts. The people at PNC are upbeat, energized - fantastic!"

The American Dream in The Motor City

In the golden age of muscle cars, in the heart of The Motor City, an aspiring entrepreneur started an automotive parts manufacturing company with her husband and her brother ... in their garage. With $3,000 to invest and enough know-how to produce three parts, Judy Kucway, husband Roger and brother Richard established Tap Rite Inc., later incorporated as Motor City Stamping Inc. (MSC), in 1969. Today this company utilizes state-of-the-art robotics and multimillion-dollar press lines to churn out 6 to 7 million parts and assemblies a month for customers including automotive giant General Motors.

"The zoning commission threw us out of our garage within six months," Judy laughs, "but we found a small building we could afford and grew slowly." That first 1,500-square-foot building was a far cry from MSC's current 226,000-square-foot building, which sits on 11 acres and houses 275 employees.

How did Judy grow this automotive powerhouse? Hard work, faith and commitment. "You can't find better people than those on our team," says Judy. "In the past three years, we've watched many suppliers shut down. But our employees remained loyal and hard-working, and never gave up. We never even considered that we might not succeed. We kept our heads high and our quality higher, and we prevailed."

The Journey from Novice to Industry Leader

When Judy started MSC, she didn't have automotive or financial experience. Her efforts were fueled solely by the desire to become an entrepreneur as her father had been. But as the years rolled on, she learned the ins and outs of her industry and developed relationship-building and financial acumen that made her one of the most well-respected professionals in her field.

"The most important lesson I've learned is to treat your employees, customers, vendors and other business partners with respect," Judy says. "When you watch out for others, they watch out for you. Your success is shared; it's not something you achieve on your own."

Judy chose a bank that she knew would respect her and her corporate goals: PNC. "I had worked with another bank for many years - in fact, I sat on its board - but once I saw what PNC had to offer, I moved my business and personal accounts," she says. "My husband moved his business accounts to PNC, and I encourage my employees to bank there. The people at PNC are upbeat, energized - fantastic!"

People in the automotive industry feel the same way about Judy and her team. They are well-known for exceeding customer expectations and consistently earning outstanding quality ratings. "Our company was built with a strong commitment to God, the dedication of our employees and our expectation of ourselves for excellence in all we do," Judy says. "I could not be prouder of what we at Motor City have accomplished."