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Women Who Achieve - Jill Mendoza
Business Details
i.d.o. Incorporated
Indianapolis, IN


Words of Wisdom

"One of the great challenges of being a small business owner is creating leaders among your staff. Translate everything you learn as a business owner and an industry professional and share it in a meaningful way with the others in your organization so that they have the same opportunities you do."

Community Involvement

more  President, Past President and Board Member, Interior Design Coalition of Indiana, 2004 to Present
more  Advisory Board Co-Chair, Interior Design and Architectural Technology, Indiana University Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, 2009 to Present
more  Dean's Industry Advisory Council Member, Indiana University Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, 2010 to Present
more  Member, Interior Design Advisory Committee, Ball State University, 2008 to Present
more  Member, Indianapolis Greening City-County Building (CCB) Development Team, 2008

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Jill Mendoza
Founder and President
i.d.o. Incorporated

"In addition to offering us financial solutions and advice, our PNC team provides strategic insight. We trust them as advisors and as a sounding board for our ideas."

Creativity Meets Collaboration

Jill Mendoza has spent decades mastering her craft. A Registered Interior Designer in Indiana, she has earned certifications and cemented affiliations that stand as testaments to her sterling reputation among her peers. In fact, every member of Jill's 10-person team at i.d.o. (Innovative Design Offerings) Incorporated is committed to excellence and forward thinking in commercial interior design.

Yet, when it comes to being invited to the table on the biggest business deals, two things beyond the realm of creative talent give this small Midwestern studio the edge: autonomy and WBE certification.

"Many of our region's large architectural firms offer in-house design capabilities," says Jill. "When independent architects, engineers and contractors want to compete with these large firms for projects, they often turn to us as a partner. We complement their capabilities with specialized expertise, flexibility and WBE certification, which becomes a critical component of our offering in cases where clients are striving to achieve minority participation goals."

The Quintessential Strategic Partner

Jill's collaborative spirit has helped her firm land some sizable accounts. But landing the account is only the start.

"In our business, clients are looking for longer-term partnerships," says Jill. "The reason that we retain 95% of our clientele from year to year is that we become fully engaged in our clients' businesses, understanding the intricacies of their needs and challenges, and offering appropriate solutions."

Those solutions run the gamut from interior design ideas to space planning and move management strategies. i.d.o. is also widely known for expertise in sustainable design. The team educates clients about the importance - and affordability - of sustainable design every day. Putting their money where their mouth is, the team in 2007 renovated their own facility to become Indianapolis' first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Commercial Interiors (LEED CI) Silver-certified building.

Investing in the Future

Buying that building, in 2006, was one of the biggest business decisions Jill says she has ever made. "Ten years ago, I wouldn't have believed that we would ever have the financial resources to buy our own real estate," Jill says. "But business was good, our capital was strong, and PNC gave us continuing support. We felt empowered to show our clients and community that we are committed to them - and to Indianapolis - for the long term."

In addition to the mortgage, PNC supports i.d.o. with a business checking account, line of credit and health savings accounts (HSAs) for employees.

"Our PNC team encourages us to bring our accountants and attorney into our financial planning discussions, which significantly strengthens our planning efforts. And, because PNC is active in NAWBO and other community organizations, they are in tune with the specialized needs of women-owned businesses. In addition to offering us financial solutions and advice, our PNC team provides strategic insight. We trust them as advisors and as a sounding board for our ideas."