Royal ePay FAQs

1. How is using Royal ePay different from direct deposit?

Royal ePay is like direct deposit, but it provides additional benefits such as online access for students to view activity and manage their profiles.

2. Do I need to do this if I already have direct deposit?

YES! The University of Scranton is using Royal ePay to process payments. Look for an e-mail near the end of July with instructions on how to log in to Royal ePay and enter your direct deposit information. It's easy and will only take a few minutes.

3. What will happen if I don't activate my Royal ePay? (What are the changes going to be when this is started?)

Failure to provide your banking information will result in the issuance of a paper check in the event a payment is made. Paper checks are issued via U.S. mail to the address on file with the University. No checks will be available for pick up. Mailing paper checks also means that it could take at least 5 - 10 days for your check to arrive in your mailbox due to processing and mail time. Direct deposits are made in 24 - 48 hours.

4. How does Royal ePay work and how will I know it has correctly deposited my money?

All students were issued a temporary activation code via e-mail the last week of July. This e-mail also provided easy instructions on how to log in. Once you're enrolled, anytime you are owed a payment you will be notified of the amount so you'll know how much you'll be receiving and when to expect it.

5. By saying direct deposit will take 24-48 hours, does this mean I won't get paid until Wednesday if the normal payday is Tuesday?

Students who work for the University will continue to be paid on their normal payday. One day prior to payday, students will receive an automated e-mail confirming the amount and method of payment.

6. What do you mean by saying I'll receive my "Financial Aid Refunds or Student Payments more quickly and conveniently" through Royal ePay than by picking up a check?

With Royal ePay, any funds owed to a student are deposited directly into the student's preferred bank account. This would include Financial Aid refunds, work-study payments and other student refund payments. This means that:

7. Is there a fee for using Royal ePay?

There are NO FEES for using Royal ePay. And, you do not have to be a PNC customer to use Royal ePay.

8. Who do I contact if have not received my temporary activation code, or if I accidentally deleted it in my e-mail account?

Call customer service at 1-800-745-7577 to request a new activation code.

9. Who do I call if I have any other questions regarding direct deposit or Royal ePay?