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Enterprise Services Development Program

The 24-month Enterprise Services Development program develops early career professionals for careers within PNC's Strategic Initiatives Office, Operations Excellence and Supply Chain Management. Our goal is to create critical stretch roles and personal challenges that drive leadership growth in support of business strategy and execution in the following areas:

Strategic Initiatives Office (SIO)
SIO provides program management support to PNC on initiatives that cross lines of business and/or have a strategic impact on the company. We manage and execute projects by deploying standardized tools and methodologies.

Operations Excellence (Ops Ex)
Our team deploys process improvement professionals (such as engineers and Six-Sigma black belts) to collaborate with specific business units to improve productivity and quality. We also support the SIO on larger initiatives.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
We deliver high-value products and services to the organization through best-in-class supply chain management processes for Accounts Payable, Enterprise Vendor Management, Corporate Records and Supplier Diversity, SCM Analysis, SCM Operations and Strategic Sourcing.

Learning & Development

Program assignments, blended learning opportunities, and daily activities collectively enable an understanding of the organization's culture and enhance your professional competencies while adding value to the business.

You will participate in four rotations to gain system and functional awareness, including at least one in the Strategic Initiatives Office, Operations Excellence and Supply Chain Management. Training also includes:

  • Competency Development - Builds the capabilities necessary for success in PNC Enterprise Services
  • Role-Specific Training - Develops project management, supply chain management and process improvement skills
  • Relationship Building - Networking opportunities structured to create immediate and future relationships

Career Paths

Working within Enterprise Services, you will gain a cross-functional view of many areas and will be prepared to add value to any line of business at PNC.

Candidate Snapshot

You may be interested in the Enterprise Services program if you enjoy learning how things are interconnected across complex systems, like to find ways to make everyday processes more efficient, or generally like putting your problem solving skills to the test. Major areas of study may include Business Management/Administration, Industrial Engineering, Operational Management, Economics, Supply Chain Management or Finance.

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