Business owners can provide retirement benefits to their employees with a SEP-IRA plan. A SEP-IRA allows eligible employees (and self-employed individuals) to enjoy all the benefits of a Traditional IRA, but with higher contribution limits.

Features & Benefits

  • Employers get a tax deduction for all contributions to a SEP
  • Money contributed to a SEP-IRA belongs to the employee immediately
  • Contributions limits are higher than with other types of IRAs
  • Monies are invested tax-deferred
  • Funds in a SEP can be invested the same way as any other IRA

Who's Eligible?

  • Any employer with one or more employees, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, Subchapter S corporations and non-profit organizations
  • Anyone earning self-employed income by providing a service, even if he/she is covered by a retirement plan at his/her full-time job

How Does it Work?

The plan is first established by an employer, who then makes tax-deductible contributions on behalf of all eligible employees into separate SEP-IRA accounts.

Account Fees & Minimums

Vary based on investment choices

Contribution Limits

Employers Can contribute a maximum of 25% of eligible compensation -- up to $51,000 for 2013 and up to $52,000 for 2014.
Self-employed Limit is based on net-profit from the business
  • The same percentage must be used for each eligible employee, including the employer
  • Contributions in excess of the stated limits are subject to a non-deductible penalty tax of 6% of the excess amount contributed

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