Tailored Solutions for Retailers and Restaurants

PNC Merchant Services® offers retail- and restaurant-specific POS solutions that help streamline operations and simplify management tasks. By integrating payment processing with your back-office tools, you free up time to focus on what is truly important -- your customers.

Solutions for retail stores and restaurants include:

The Clover™ Station is an all-in-one business management tool that allows you to manage key aspects of your business from any location with an Internet connection, leveraging cloud technology. With the Clover Station, you can accept payments, have better control over your day-to-day operations and get to know your customers. It is all designed to maximize ease and efficiency, freeing you to focus on what you most enjoy about running your business.

Clover Station also offers pre-loaded menus, with changes syncing across all devices in real time.

Designed for:

  • Small to mid-size restaurants

First Data™ Retail Solution helps single-store retailers streamline and better manage operations. It's an all-in-one solution that combines hardware, software, payment processing and support in one easy-to-use bundle. And with an integrated system, you can better manage inventory, track customers and process transactions. In the end, it's big-box capabilities at a small-business price.

    Key benefits include:

    Greater payment flexibility
    Accept all major payment types, including rental and layaway programs.
    Enhanced transaction processing
    Bar code scanning, custom POS buttons and an easy-to-use cashier touch screen allow quicker transactions and shorter lines at checkout. Personalization is simple with easy-to-add quick cash tenders and shortcut keys. Best of all, the intuitive design significantly reduce cashier training time.
    Automated inventory management
    A robust array of inventory management features are designed to eliminate paper tracking and reduce mistakes. For instance, use automatic purchase orders to avoid "out of stock" situations. Easily manage all styles, each with several size and color combinations. And maintain knowledge and PO status of case and carton inventory items (i.e., carton vs. pack). Even remove multiple items from stock when selling one SKU (gift baskets, for example).
    Customer marketing opportunities
    Capture and use customer data to create effective marketing campaigns that target customers' preferences based on purchase histories (plus, fast customer look-up by last name, phone or membership card). Create loyalty programs and gift registries to generate more business, and utilize the solution to send newsletters, coupons, sales and new product announcements.
    Promotions management
    Enter markdowns and discounts to improve accuracy and ease of checkout, and put select or all items on sale or run special promotions.
    Employee management
    Simplify every aspect of employee management with everything from a time-clock feature that tracks time and assists with scheduling to multiple theft prevention features that restrict employees' ability to perform discounts, no-sales, voids and price changes. You can also reward and retain employees by implementing commission plans and tracking top salespeople. Extensive management reporting includes 75 standard reports.
    Easy to use technology
    The solution is designed to be up and running quickly. Over-the-phone training allows you to ask questions as you become familiar with the system.
    Retail-tested design
    The built-tough hardware is retail tested for optimal performance in demanding locations.

Designed for:

  • Retail and specialty retail shops
  • Convenience and small grocery stores

First Data™ Restaurant Solution is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution designed specifically for single-location operations with one to four POS stations. This bundled solution replaces your cash register and payment terminal with a high-performance integrated computer, specialized software and advanced payment processing. It's everything necessary to manage every aspect of your business just like the multi-location "big guys."

    Key benefits include:

    Fast transaction approvals
    Most transaction approvals are received in just two to four seconds. When you speed up guest-check processing, you turn tables faster - and make more money.
    Automated menu management
    Create, revise and customize menus or pricing for special events or promotions.
    Automated order management and accuracy
    Manage everything from kitchen tickets to add-ons and guest checks (e.g., automatically generate separate checks or splits menu items among checks).
    End-of-shift reports
    Track multiple jobs and print end-of-shift server reports for quick, accurate settlement with each employee on each shift.
    Guest check management
    There's even a customer database and smart search function that allows servers to recognize regular diners and their favorite menu items.
    Improved security
    Define security levels for each employee to help reduce theft and inventory loss.
    Better decision making
    Get key operational data through a variety of reports, including job performance, payroll hours, voids, daily sales and more. For instance, you can track sales and ordering patterns by menu item to make smarter purchasing and menu-planning decisions.
    User-friendly, intuitive technology
    This hard-working system was created by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners. You'll receive full installation support, and you and your staff will appreciate the intuitive operation of the user-friendly graphic interface. Fewer touches per task means more time to serve customers.

Designed for:

  • Independent, small to mid-size restaurants