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  • Payment Acceptance Solutions for Manufacturers and B2B

    At PNC Merchant Services®, we incorporate industry-specific research and data into the design of the merchant solutions we offer to key industry segments, including manufacturers and other B2B companies. These solutions are customized to address the specific needs of these types of companies, thus maximizing their benefits to manufacturers and B2B businesses.

    We offer a wide variety of payment acceptance, processing and reporting solutions for manufacturers. These include:

    This software solution runs on a PC or PC-based point-of-sale (POS) register platform but offers the functionality of a traditional card terminal, along with the flexibility and power of a personal computer. It can accommodate multiple B2B clients (up to 999),multiple users (up to 999) and is able to capture the details required to qualify for Level III processing fees.

    Point-of-Sale Terminals
    Select terminals are able to capture additional Level II processing details, to help you qualify for lower processing fees, and can be purchased or leased.

    First Data Global GatewaySM Virtual Terminal
    This solution enables you to create a "virtual" POS terminal so you can process transactions from any location with an Internet-connected PC. It can accommodate an unlimited number of users and allows recurring billing and 24/7 Internet access.

    ClientLine® Online Reporting
    PNC Merchant Services' innovative online reporting tool has been designed with the specific needs of manufacturers and similar B2B busiensses in mind. It provides timely payment processing, cash flow, and reporting data on B2B customers' payment preferences and activity.