Payment Acceptance Solutions Designed for Healthcare Providers

At one time, all that was really important was for your front desk to get a copy of the patient's insurance card. Now, they usually need to investigate further: Is this a Health Savings Account? Has the patient met the deductible? Do co-pays apply? What payments need to be collected?

PNC Merchant Services® understands that generic financial services are not always the right prescription for the unique needs of healthcare practices. Solutions offered by PNC Merchant Services that can help you accept credit and debit cards for patient co-pays and deductibles include:

A-Claim® - Designed to work seamlessly alongside your existing office programs, A-Claim is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution that helps minimize time-consuming manual payment administration. The A-Claim Web portal enables your staff to quickly:

  • Retrieve automatic benefits verification
  • Gather information on co-pays and co-insurance
  • Collect up-front payments
  • Establish pre-authorized single, or recurring payments
  • Gather and store patient payment information securely, rather than within the practice

Point-of-Sale Terminals - With the proper point-of-sale (POS) terminal, you can begin accepting credit card payments. Add a keypad to the terminal and you can easily process PIN debit cards as well. Take advantage of additional functionality and convert your patients' paper checks into an electronic payment.

First Data Global GatewaySM Virtual Terminal - Turn your Internet-connected office PC into a virtual credit card terminal that supports an unlimited number of users and also allows recurring billing. A virtual terminal also reduces terminal redundancy, thus freeing up more counter space.

TeleCheck® - Provide patients with the convenience of writing a check for payment - and minimizes downside risk. TeleCheck quickly and efficiently converts a patient's paper check into an electronic transaction via ACH. Your patient is happy, and the practice benefits from improved cash flow through faster funding.

TeleCheck provides peace of mind against fraudulent and returned checks by combining the industry's most sophisticated check acceptance risk management system with a warranty service option for returned check liability. Accepting and processing check payments becomes as quick, safe and easy as accepting credit cards. TeleCheck can also improve operational efficiency by reducing trips to the bank and streamlining back-office operations.

Gift Card Programs - With a branded gift card program, you can secure repeat business from your current patients and help grow referrals. They are especially effective for elective medical procedures (like cosmetic surgery, chiropractic treatments and some dental procedures) that aren't covered by most insurance carriers.